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Nerf The F***king S**tfire Right F**king Now!

Written By Josh (wolfjmz),  06/06/2021

I love arenas in Apex Legends, in fact, it saved the game for me. Arenas is a 3v3 TDM style mode much like Rainbow Six: Siege, best out of 5 have to win by 2 or play through a ton of tie breakers. But there's just one problem: Squads can buy the loadouts they want, which is fantastic, until they all start buying spitfires, l-stars, and peace keepers and using them to flank and meme and shit so hard on casual players it's no longer enjoyable. I would and am honestly taking the 10min penalty than sitting in a lobby where the very first round the entire other team ran shitfires simply because that gun is really strong right now. And to be perfectly clear and fair, the shitfire is insanely strong again. It's so strong I'm surprised that wasn't the gun that was moved from ground loot to the care package, instead the triple take was chosen which was a bit of a confusing choice. But now we're stuck with this piece of shit garbage meta where it's either all shitfire, l-star, r9 or r301 in arenas. And it's annoying as fuck and not pleaseant, fun, nor enjoyable to play against in EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH.

One rule Respawn could chose to implement is a weapons ban in arenas, each team picks one gun to ban for the entire game. This would make the game both more fun and more interesting. This would also allow for fewer games of running shitfires and l-stars and would force more competitive play other than "I have more bullets than you so I'm going to win". That's not to say that there's a chance you can win against a shitfire, but that it's immensely more difficult and compounded by teams that will flank and get multiple lines of sight on you while also having a shitfire. Banning 1 gun from each team at the start of the match would force teams to think about their loadouts and actually prove they can win without the nearly double magazine.

Another rule Respawn could add is to limit the number of shitfires or number of each weapon a squad is allowed to have. If only 1 person on each squad was allowed to have a shitfire, then each of the other members would be forced to pick something else and better use their methods and tactics for that gun. While that might create conflicts of people not being able to "ever" run a gun because it's always picked before them, this would be beneficial in removing this toxic method of play. That way there'd only ever be 2 shitfires in play at a time(unless you pick one up from care package).

The third rule Respawn could add is to enforce a rule of you cannot run the same gun 2 rounds in a row, so after each round you would need to change your loadout to be different. You would no longer be able to run shitfire, shitfire, shitfire for rounds 1, 2 and 3 respectively, you'd have to run something like shitfire, r-301, shitfire. This would mean that you'd still be forced to compete at a different level and would encourage other non-meta loadouts.

I get that I may be an average player at best, and that's totally okay. I have no issue with that. I just get tired of seeing "oh look they are all running spitfires...AGAIN." The problem is that the only way to win against multiple shitfires is to break out the lines of sight and force everyone to empty their clip before you laser someone. Or you laser them before they have a chance to pull the trigger. Otherwise you're likely going to be out-DPS'd and out-played simply because the shitfire has nearly double the number of bullets of most of the other affordable weapons(even with maximum upgrades).

Of course this only applies to arenas and the 2 guns that would be excluded from the above rules are the mozam and p20 since they currently cost nothing to purchase.

Another thing Respawn could think about instead of having teams ban a weapon each, is to randomly ban 2 guns for the match.

But what do I know? The only thing I can say is that this meta is terrible and it needs to stop.

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