Welcome to TruckersData!

A project for tracking job submissions and telemetry reports on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator!

This program was originally developed for ETS2Data, but I have decided to branch out and split the logger into my own project. Please contact me via email([email protected]) if you have questions.

We have found the issues regarding distances driven in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator sometimes being incorrect. An attempted fix has been made in version

We are overwhelmed by the amount of support coming from VTC's and other communities. However at this time we are not able to take on partnerships or custom projects due to new developments in other projects.

Forums Got A New Look!
Our forums have moved! Forums for TDL can now be found at Menzel Studios! You'll need to recreate your account and unfortunately the topics that were created are not transferable to the new system. We would like to thank everyone for their contributions!

Version Released!
Included is a minor fix for ETS2 paths not being detected correctly. Also resolved should be zip extraction errors.

Easy to Use

Fully Automated

ETS2 & ATS Supported


  1. Automatic Updates
  2. Job Submission
  3. Fuel, Ferry, and Train Expenses
  4. Distance Tracking
  5. Login Using Steam Credentials
  6. All Metro-Themed

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