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Team Communication is Critical

Written By Josh (jammerxd),  02/10/2020

So we've been talking a lot about Rainbow Six: Siege and how awesome of a game it is(I mean...they manage to somehow keep re-introducing old bugs that were previously fixed) and there's a new aspect that's actually starting to annoy me as a solo player: team communication. Team communication allows us as players to communicate information we'd otherwise have to find out for ourselves. That call of "Bandit proned in cigar" could be the difference between you or your teammates getting killed or getting the advantage and surviving the rush.

I was playing ranked and I lost 3-4 games in a row because my teammates REFUSED to communicate clearly or at all(to be fair I wasn't playing very well myself, however I feel that team communication was a major contributing factor). Some of the responses I got were "Shut the f**k up" or "Sorry we're in a discord". I really don't understand why someone would queue for ranked when you need to actually be able to communicate with teammates on strats, rushes, locations, and other critical information that can protect your objective. Personally, I do both, I use in game voice communications AND discord simultaneously. It costs me nothing and if a random teammate abuses the voice chat in the game, there's a mute button so I can mute them if they continue to be immature/not serious. I also have my push-to-talk in-game key setup so that it's also a push-to-mute key in discord so my teammates in discord don't hear me 2x or make me sound like I'm talking into a megaphone.

Additionally, teammates that do not use the in-game voice chat properly or are immature about it should not be allowed to queue for ranked unless they can prove in unranked or quick-play that they can take it seriously. There is a report player option for voice chat abuse which is good, but hardly does anything to "punish" or "correct" their behavior. Broken mics are another thing. I'll only say this once: If your mic is broken, "not working", or you straight up don't have one, or the one you have is nothing but a wind tunnel, or you are too shy/introverted to talk to other players in ranked, DO NOT QUEUE FOR RANKED. Again, IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A GOOD WORKING MIC OR DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO OTHER RANDOM PLAYERS, DO NOT QUEUE FOR RANKED! Seriously!!!

I'm not sure how to address the issue(s) surrounding this, obviously I'm not like every player and I definitely feel like the minority here, but if it's unreasonable of me to ask for good team communication with in-game callouts, and operator ban coordination, site/objective coordination, and to be able to do this without having 14-16 year olds act like they are 8, then please tell me I'm wrong; Regardless if it's the internet or not. Additionally, I understand some people can't take it seriously and that's fine, but at least be a courteous teammate and do your best to help them when you die(watch cams, watch them and listen, etc...).

The other dissappointing thing is that the only solution is for all players on the team to use dual communication(in-game and discord/skype/teamspeak/) or just the in-game voice comms. Personally I prefer both as I've had many people compliment my smooth mic(now that I have it working right) and I've made many acquaintences that are now in my friends list. It's to the point that every once and a while I'll get an invite to join up with an aquaintence I met from a previous game.

Now for a practical example. I was playing in ranked playlist, just me, solo and I got teammed up with a 4-stack. The map was Kanal(reworked) and we were defending first. I called out into the mic "Hey what's up gamers?!" and got 0 response, not even a text chat message. So I hit the team text chat up with "Do any of you have mics?" and they said "yea". The next message I got was "we're in a discord". After providing my discord id I got the respnonse of "not our server bud" followed by "we don't have permissions to add people". Needless to say we ended up losing 2 rounds of defense and all rounds of attack. There were multiple opportunities where a callout from any 1 of them or a callout from me could have saved our lives and thus won us the game. I cannot stress this enough VOICE COMMUNICATION IS MISSION CRITICAL!

Overall hopefully some of you out there can understand this frustration and can understand how team communication plays a major role in winning/losing games because of no callouts or poorly made callouts and no strategy communication or operator communication. My goal is to provide insight into my experiences as a player and some of the flaws that need to be corrected in this game.

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